At AUC’s white coat ceremony two weeks ago, a proud member of the GLBTA (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Ally) community left their ceremony and was in route to their semester’s white coat celebration (via the Phi Chi student shuttle service) when everything went wrong.  This student was forced to be witness to their student drivers making threats/slurs against other members of the GLBTA community at AUC and then, upon protesting, became a target of the threats and harassment them self.  To further add insult to injury, the student drivers (2) had an altercation with a security guard outside the events location and were intoxicated the whole time.  Basically, this first semester’s white coat ceremony was ruined but this is not even the worst part.

The school proceeded to meet with this student over the course of a week before the student’s first set of exams (blocks).  When the student requested that they receive a slight extension for their exams, the school’s administration (Dr. Testa and Dr. Stroschein) told this student that AUC could not ‘guarantee’ any extension. Furthermore, the school asked the student (only two weeks in a foreign country) to arrange transport for them self and see a doctor forty minutes away in order for them to even consider an extension.  Also, the administration refused to even tell this student if the aggressors would still be at the school, so the student was forced to live with the uncertainty of getting into a fight with the drivers at any time.  Lastly, Dr. Stroschein told this student that because of the way they “are”, perhaps medicine is not the best career choice for them [paraphrase].

This student is no longer at AUC.  The student did not feel they were safe at AUC’s campus or the surrounding area.    Furthermore, the student felt that the administration’s response to this tragedy was completely non-supportive.  No other students yet know that this happened, so please share this story with all students looking at AUC or currently attending.


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