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From: Cindy Stroschein []
Sent: Tuesday, October 05, 2010 3:35 PM

Greetings – I am writing to inform you that a serious allegation of hate speech was made by a 1st semester student, who subsequently chose to pursue a medical education elsewhere. It deeply troubles me that such behavior would occur in a student body which I have otherwise known to dedicate so much concern and care for fellow students and humankind.

The incident occurred while the 1st semester student was riding with three other students from AUC to the White Coat reception at the Sonesta Maho at approximately 8 p.m. Friday, September 10. During the short ride to the Sonesta, the student and a witness allege that the volunteer driver and a front-seat passenger drank from open beer bottles in the car, conversed in a derogatory and intimidating manner about homosexual people, and referred to a parking attendant in a derogatory manner “multiple times”. My office continues to investigate the allegation. I seek your assistance in providing additional information that may be helpful to the investigation because the driver and the front-seat passenger remain unidentified.

Hate speech toward marginalized populations, as we have recently seen in the news, is a behavior which has profound and lasting negative effects on individuals and entire communities. Hate speech endangers the health, safety and wellbeing of the entire community and is not tolerated here at AUC.

I ask anyone who has further information about this incident to contact me for an appointment.

With deep concern,

Cindy Stroschein

Cindy Ycaza Stroschein, Ph.D., LP, CRC
Interim Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Assistant Professor of Behavioral Sciences
American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine

Q: If the student filed a complaint which became an Administrative Review and thus requires the accuser to accuse someone, whatever happened to the accused in this case?   Please read AUC’s current Administrative Review and Grievance Procedures attached if you wish to learn more. Administrative Review and Grievance Procedures

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