Hello all,

So here are the fruits of my labors regarding the hate crime incident at the American University of the Caribbean; BGLAM Hate Crime Prevention Proposal, the statement for the student body, and the statement for the student organizations (statements may change after organization revisions for grammar).  You should know that the statement for the student organizations contain all the facts including the administration’s response.  Even if you think you know what happened, take a look, because it is all the facts others and myself could come up with.  Additionally, you should know the response to this purported incident is far from over.

Currently, the situation is that few people have all the facts of this story. Furthermore, the 1st semester’s perspective has largely been withheld from the public.  The second biggest problem is that “the driver and the front-seat passenger remain unidentified”. According to the 1st semester before leaving, the student “pointed out”  their driver, provided the entire name of the driver and the first name of the “front-seat passenger” .  However, the administrative review could not ‘find’ solid evidence that the students in question were actually driving this car.   This renders the question of how much proof does a student need to prove another student committed a hate crime against them?

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