Hi.  My name is Michael Collins and I’m a second year medical student at the American University of the Caribbean (AUC) on St. Maarten.  Technically, I’ve been at the American University of the Caribbean for seven (long) semesters and I can’t wait till I return home.  Home for me is the Detroit area.  I was born where I went to University, the University of Michigan, and I have a secret love for Detroit and Dearborn.  That, and I have a passion for medicine/public health.

I also have a passion for ‘social justice’, which to me means fixing health disparities and the way doctors see them.  So that is why I, along with others, started what would become the Diversity Council in hopes that the organization would become devoted to this ideal.  I have seen in my two (long) years many changes at AUC; some good and some bad.

Hopefully, it should be obvious that I wish to share the ‘bad’.  I want to share the stories of students who did not make it at AUC.  I want to share the stories of students who were targeted at AUC.  I need to believe that if people know what I know and people learn what my colleagues and I did – that someone or some few will continue our original ideas.  That the struggle to have all students at AUC feel accepted (regardless of age, religion, language, dietary needs, etc) will not die when I leave.  Basically, if medical students cannot treat each other right or if a medical institution cannot treat its students right, how do we expect these future doctors to treat their patients??