So here are the last projects I was working on before leaving AUC.  I have also attached some of my research here as well.  My hope is that this information or ideas will be helpful to other Medical Students and/or students at AUC (American University of the Caribbean).

A. Course Proposals

1. Dr. Braciale’s Course Proposal (2009)

i. Proposal for Cultural Competency course

ii. AAMC Informational Sheet

2. My 1st Course Proposal – Doctor, Patient and Society (2010)

i. Proposal for Doctor_Patient_Society Seminar

ii. Cultural_Competence_And_Health_Care_Disparities-_Key_Perspectives_And_Trends

3. My 2nd Course Proposal – Medical Ethics Extension (Currently the course is two weeks long) (2010)

i. Proposal for Extension of the Medical Ethics Program

ii. A Flag in the Wind (long read but good, I would advise skipping to page 6)

B. Student Rights Proposal (Click here for a more complete explanation)

i. Proposal 1

ii. Proposal 2

C. Partial Lock on Tuition (click here to read more)

D. Vegetarian Options @ the Cafeteria (Click here to read more)

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email me at  Best wishes!