So during my last semester (fall 2010) at the AUC basic Science Campus, I started asking for vegetarian options be made available during Lunch time.  At the time my options were veggie burgers and let me tell you, those get old really quickly.

So I gave them a bunch of recipes (Click here), told them that all the local grocery stores have vegetarian food like Morning Star, Bocca Burgers, etc and worked with them to get vegetarian food out on for everyone.  At first, there was some kinks.  But a week afterwards and collaboration with the Housing Department, the vegetarian dishes wouldn’t last more than a half hour-hour tops.

As the semester progressed though, the vegetarian dishes used were drawn down to only two types.  A week later the vegetarian options were only served most of the week.  Soon after it was served every other day and then not at all.

At the time I was told that since the semester was coming to an end, that the cafeteria didn’t want to order any new shipments of vegetarian food.  I leave it up to future semesters to put the cafeteria to their word.

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