All over the world, companies do business in foreign country’s and all over these companies have disputes.  Thing is most of the companies or their employees have contracts.  These contracts between employer, government(s) and/or employees, have stipulations regarding disputes and which laws will be referenced.  Often, New York law is referenced but in the case of AUC (American University of the Caribbean) this last summer – it was Florida.

Last summer, or I should say the beginning of the Fall semester, the head of the Housing Department, Mr. Johnson, was fired.  In his contract he had a similar stipulation and took AUC to court in the US for wrongful termination of employment.  He won.

So.  The point is that such contractual stipulations can be applied also to us students at the AUC.  How?  Well, the definition of a contract is a written and signed agreement.  Every white coat ceremony students sign a piece of paper filled with the honor code and the student handbook.   In effect, you are signing that you will adhere to the student handbook and honor code (aka a contract).  What if there was a stipulation in the student handbook like with Mr. Johnson saying that the laws of your country of residence applied while the AUC campus/events?  Or that if you had if your civil or student rights were impinged by the school, its faculty, staff or fellow students, you would have a way to seek justice back home?

This should go without saying that such things won’t be cheap, that you won’t always win and that the school will not want to have something like this.  But if the problem was serious enough, wouldn’t you feel safer at a foreign school knowing you were in some way protected by laws back home?

If you like this idea, great.  I never got to fully flush the idea out and there is one problem I know of that would have to be fixed.  If there is a dispute between two students, like a question of which laws are to be referenced, you would have something written that one place, such as New York City laws, would apply.

Proposal 1

Proposal 2

If you don’t like this idea, thank you for reading!

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