To give credit where credit is due, this was not my idea.  The idea actually was KP’s.

The basic principles are this: You enter medical school being charged A and you are charged A every semester throughout your first two years of medical school (basic sciences).  For the last two years (clinical sciences) you would be charged B every semester.  It should go without saying that A may not necessarily equal B as currently the cost of a semester in your clinical years is far greater than that of your basic science years.

I never had the time to flush this idea out further but it was one that always intrigued me.  Currently the school has been raising tuition every semester or two 11% (this figure was provided to us at a SGA (Student Government) meeting by the president and Dr. Testa).  THis is problematic to students who can only change the amount of financial aid they are receiving every two-three semesters.  Furthermore, I have been told (though I have no proof) that before AUC was handed of to the son of the founder, AUC operated on this tuition schedule.  Such a tuition schedule is definitely business viable because you simply charge incoming clinical and basic science students whatever you want in order to maintain the desired profits.

I hope someone will continue this idea.  All it would take is a simple 1 page petition passed around by students, like the IT committee did for internet, stating in detail what the tuition schedule should be changed to.  It worked for the IT committee regarding the internet, why can’t it work for something this important too?

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